daily prompt: sanctuary

this here is my sanctuary, a place to replenish my soul, and release society’s hold on me, refocus my mind and dig my feet deep. a place where I can meet with my spirit and hear her speak. my sanctuary allows me to call my energy back from the people and places it’s wasted, to fill my leaks….

daily prompt: depth

why were you so content at my surface? saw my depth as a curse, skimmed through my verses, banking only on the temporary. kept your truth buried deep, sent me on a journey to seek a false perception.  starting to see the lesson, never trust a love offered then kept hidden.

make room

must have crowded your heart was revenge on your tongue as soon as we started this a cycle, enemies then friends, we tend to neglect whats genuine for desire. i’m walking away reaching for higher, set down the shame, who can we really blame, please let me cut this out its too heavy. done bending my…

parody of love

what can i mention, without sounding trite? want my message to shine, my soul can put up a fight, i’m aiming for new heights. had a bite of the light, and i can’t turn back, pray i always know when i’m off track, it’s a fact that i’m different, on a mission, not like the rest, i…


a breath of fresh air with all this weight on my chest, i need you. a stream of cool water to calm by breath, this marathon i’m running is one true test. i can’t feel you. we brought lucy to luna and laid with the stars, you exposed to me in a whisper the depth of…

recenter yourself, justine. you’ve only stumbled because you lost focus.


i’m trying to trace the exact date. time. place. that i became so uncomfortable within myself. i’m so focused on making someone else the center of my world, why? i want to be comfortable alone. maybe if i can get back to that day in my head, remember the moment, the words said, how i…

pace 12.1.2014

i need to slow down. my heart is wide open, locks off, and guards off-duty. all as a result of your simple progression. i still don’t know if you see me, truly want me. but here i am, ready to give you my heart, expecting you to protect it, keep it safe in your palms….