a breath of fresh air with all this weight on my chest,

i need you.

a stream of cool water to calm by breath,

this marathon i’m running is one true test.

i can’t feel you.

we brought lucy to luna

and laid with the stars,

you exposed to me in a whisper

the depth of yours scars.

where are you?

i’m drowning in this sorrow with

my hands raised, selfish i know.

but i remember crying in bed,

unable to understand why

my father was dead

wishing someone would walk

with me through my pain.

be strong for your brother

because he’s got no one left.

i needed someone to help me clean

the tragedy that fell upon

my chest. so tell me,

how don’t you need me too?

i’m walking,

two tons on my shoulders,

and all i can really think of

is you.

please don’t label me as greedy,

i see it as a privilege to help cary your burden.

this would be easier as a team,

i shouldn’t have to wonder if i mean

something of value.

i guess i’ll step back and return to the

pieces i dropped of myself

while chasing you.

anxiously waiting,

for you to crave me too.


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