parody of love

what can i mention,

without sounding trite?

want my message to shine,

my soul can put up a fight,

i’m aiming for new heights.

had a bite of the light,

and i can’t turn back,

pray i always know when i’m off track,

it’s a fact that i’m different,

on a mission,

not like the rest, i won’t stress,

just working for a better me.


remember to not grieve the disposable,

all distractions,

they don’t want me living

even a fraction of my truth,

but i’ve already

seen the proof.


my melodies could soothe you

but you’re stuck on abuse,

keep plucking my fruit,

baby why don’t you

water after each use,

a parody, of love.


your energy was off

but i stayed it’s true,

i dug myself out by the root,

and moved to richer soil

all you wanted was to toil

with my leaves.

how long did you watch them wither

how long did you plan to leave me,

unnourished and bitter, i’ll have no parts,

this is where our ‘love’ departs.

i want to remain whole.


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